Friday, 16 July 2010

White Rose Ladies Humorous Speech - 12 July 2010


Karen said...

Love it! A subject close to my heart right now as I've just had to renew my passport and have my photos taken. Unfortunately I was told my 'eyes weren't visible' and had to do it again!

And yes, I do remember when they used to take ages and come out horrible and sticky :o)

You talk really well and your enjoyment comes across, I do envy you.

Jean said...

Ian says he's going to stick that photo of me on the conservatory window to frighten burglars away!

Thanks for your comment about my talk. I know I need more practice to improve at public speaking but it's amazing that I can actually enjoy doing a talk, or even get up to do one at all, when I had so much trouble with shyness in the past.