Saturday, 14 August 2010

Saying NO and feeling guilty

I've figured out why I've been suffering from back pain lately. It's because I forgot my age and fitness level last week when playing with my six-year-old great-niece (OMG! 'Great' makes me feel so old!). We enjoyed pulling each other about and playing at see-saws. It was great fun at the time.

I must do something about keeping fit since I gave up my gym membership over a year ago. Nah, I don't need to pay gym fees to get fit, I told myself. I can do it myself for free. Well, that idea hasn't worked out for lazy bones me. I realise now that it was the paying that gave me the incentive to go.

I should go for a walk. No, I can't with my bunion.

I should go swimming. No, it might trigger off my recurring ear infection.

I should buy a treadmill or exercise bike. No, I've nowhere to put one.

I should get one of those what d'ya call it, a wii? No, I've heard they're no good for keeping fit.

I should rejoin the gym. No, I can't afford it.

I should stop making excuses and get off my backside. No, I can't. I've got lots of writing to catch up on today . . .


Suzanne Ross Jones said...

It's very easy not to bother. I was told by my doctor to walk three times a week (becaus of high blood pressure)- but this is Scotland and it rains a LOT...

Take care.


Karen said...

Suzanne's right, walking is the best exercise, my doctor told me that too :o) Pilates is brilliant for back pain too if you could face it.

Look after yourself, and get rid of the guilt!

Jean said...

Yes, walking is the best exercise but very easy not to bother. Pilates is something else I keep meaning to try but haven't got round it yet.

Miriam said...

If you walk instead of using transport, you save money. How's that for an incentive?