Monday, 12 July 2010

Sunny July

Contacting universities (see post below) paid off. I've been offered the opportunity to teach post-grad students on a mental health course. I'll have to prepare carefully what I want to get across, but it's not until early-October so I've got plenty of time to think about it.

Also in October I'll be joining with the Leeds Survivor Poetry group to put on an event at the Ilkley Literature Festival. Sounds like October will be an exciting month for me.

I'm still going to the Speakers Club and tonight I'll be doing a humorous talk on video. The practice I get there increases my confidence no end. I've progressed from dreading the meetings to enjoying them!

At last our new conservatory is ready. I've been spending the last couple of evenings in it sipping G & Ts and watching the changing colours of the sky (better than watching telly!). Next plan is to have a few friends round for a Conservatory Warming Party.

Well, I think that's just about all my news for the moment. My novel-in-progress is inching along. I've been re-reading 'Crow Lake' by Mary Lawson and wishing I could write like that.


Karen said...

Fantastic news about the teaching job - just shows how one thing leads to another :o)

We could do with a new conservatory, but we're neck-deep in having a new kitchen fitted at the moment and it's all going horribly wrong!

Jean said...

Hi Karen, Yes it's great how often one things leads to another re the teaching session.

Not so great how one thing led to another re our conservatory. I know how you feel about your new kitchen going horribly wrong. We had a similar experience with our new conservatory. When we signed up for it they said it would take a week to build it. Gas boiler needed moving but then it turned out we had to buy a new boiler. The gas meter needed moving by a utility company and cost much more than estimated (£700 for less than 2 hrs work!), etc, etc. Problems kept arising and, all in all, it took eight weeks before the conservatory was ready. (But we're enjoying using it now).