Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and Jean is getting fat. I've been enjoying going out for Christmas meals, and sod the diet.

It's snowing today. Brrr!! But I'm happily ensconed in front of the fire, making occasional trips to the window to enjoy the sight of it. It does look nice, I must admit. I could quite enjoy snow if it wasn't cold and wet and prone to turn to slippery ice.

Well, I've at last got all my cards sent and presents wrapped. Very few people are getting presents from me this year because I've made a donation instead to a children's hospice. I think now I've got everything done that needed doing today, I've no excuse but to get on with some writing. I wonder why I've started to put writing at the bottom of my list of priorities. Once I start writing, it's usually OK, but somehow it takes me a lot of time and effort to clear the decks and make a start on the writing.

If anyone happens to be reading this, HAPPY CHRISTMAS, AND BEST WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR 2010.


Karen said...

Donating money's a very good idea indeed :o) We're still snowed in here and it is rather lovely if impractical.

Hope you do have a nice Christmas, and that you leap back into the writing groove in 2010 xx

Lane Mathias said...

Happy Christmas Jean.

Here's to a ton of writing next year:-)

Jean said...

Thanks, Karen and Lane. Yes, here's to loads of writing in 2010.