Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I looked up 'The Dark Threads' on and had to smile to note the list of other items which Amazon tells us that purchasers of my book might be interested in. These were about sewing machines and sewing threads! Just out of interest I looked up 'Of Human Bondage'. But, no, they haven't linked Somerset Maughan's novel with erotica books.

Well, I'm going to set to work today and write some more magazine articles that might help (at least indirectly) in publicising my memoir. The editor of the 'Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal' phoned me to say they are going to publish my article. I'm now going to write a piece for 'The Speaker', the national magazine of the Association of Speakers Clubs, about my experiences of joining my local club. Meanwhile, I'm waiting to hear if Mslexia have accepted my 'How I did it' piece, and I'm wondering which other magazines to try.

I've had more success at getting non-fiction published than fiction. This worries me slightly as I wannabe a fiction writer and maybe I'm not good enough at that. Oh well, I can but try. Once I've finished the magazine articles I'm going to retrieve my novel-in-progress (what progress?) from the junk cupboard and see if I can get back into it (the novel I mean, not the junk cupboard).


Karen said...

That made me laugh, your book being linked to sewing!

Writers' Forum might be interested in an article. I started out writing non-fiction articles and managed to segue into fiction, and I'm sure you will too :o)

Jean said...

Oh yes, that's a good idea, Karen, I'll try Writers' Forum. Thanks for this suggestion.