Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Friends Reunited

It's weird, isn't it? Old friends suddenly poke out at you from the internet. People you haven't seen since when you 'were young, oh, so much younger than today.' (Is that plagiarism?). We were best friends (on and off, that is. We squabbled a lot) at junior school. She's back in this area for a while, and we're going to meet next week.

I'm looking forward to our meeting with interest, and (I don't know why) a kinda scared feeling. Ah, the joys of technology, and that Friends Reunited site.

Her email began, 'Do you remember me?' Yes, I do. (Oh God, she doesn't appear in my memoir, does she?).


Karen said...

I did strike up an email correspondence after someone from Friends Reunited contacted me, but it seems to have fizzled out again! C'est la vie.

Hope you have a lovely time, and if you have mentioned her in your memoir she might be flattered (depending on what you said of course!!)

Jean said...

Yes, that's a thought, she might be flattered. Anyway, I didn't say anything 'bad' about her, and I changed names of people I've mentioned.