Friday, 16 January 2009

Not getting on with it.

Well, despite the good intentions I always start off a new year with, I don't seem to be doing enough to fulfil my aims. I'm brilliant at writing out 'Things To Do' lists, planning, dreaming, hoping, but I sometimes fall short on the most important task: actually 'doing'.

I've now left it too late to write a story for the Mslexia competition. My existing ones are far too long. In fact it's occurred to me that I've written very little for quite some time. My novel-in-progress is asleep in a drawer, growing whiskers.

I blame my diminishing writing output on my excitement about 'The Dark Threads' coming out next month. I've been so taken up with thoughts of publication, along with trying to help with publicity, that my writing has taken a back seat. Not good. I wannabe a writer. Writers must write.

I'm going to write stories, get on with my novel, and ... Oh dear, here I go again. If I stop blogging about what I'm going to do and tell you what I've actually done, I hope I will have something to blog about soon!


Annie Wicking said...

Good luck with your book. if I had a book coming out soon I wouldn't be able to do anything but jump up and down with joy.

Best wishes and good luck,


Jean said...

Thanks Annie.

Karen said...

Yes I'm very good at not getting on with it too, but at least you've got a book coming out! That's brilliant :o)