Saturday, 2 July 2011


I’m thinking about blogging. That’s the trouble though. It’s easier to spend more time thinking about things than actually doing.

I started this blog back in September 2008, bursting to tell anyone who might listen that I’d at last got a publisher for ‘The Dark Threads’. I was, of course, very young then (well, only fifty-something) and my youthful enthusiasm knew no bounds. I proudly announced that this was my first book (where is the next?) and that I would chart my journey towards publication in this blog.

Okay, been there, done that and got the clichéd old T-shirt. After publication in August 2009, what then? Of one thing I was sure. My blog should continue. Getting a book published doesn’t end on publication day. It was scary but wonderful having the opportunity to speak out about a subject close to my heart while attempting to publicise my book. Me on radio! Me on TV! Me giving talks! Me winning a cup for (I still can’t believe this) Public Speaking!

But then . . . Somehow I was slipping into a ‘So what?’ kind of blogging. I suppose the problem was in trying to decide what to blog about now that I’d done what I set out to do in my profile. Perhaps it was time to wrap up the blog before it degenerated further into the ‘Had a boiled egg for breakfast’ postings. Oh, I loved writing about my treadmill and the dilemma of should I or shouldn’t I exercise with a cold. Fascinating! Or not. Pack it in, Jean, before you get like those old, pot-bellied pop stars who don’t know when to shut up, or those grumpy old women who rant about things like people getting their name wrong.

Perhaps I could start another blog about working on my novel. But I don’t need to talk about that. I just need to GET ON WITH IT. Okay, then, perhaps it definitely is time to finish this blog and bow out gracefully.

No! I want to continue with it.

So now I’ve got some serious thinking to do. I need to sort out what kind of things to write about here. What exactly is the theme of this blog to be now? Where is it going? Where am I going? I’ll get back to blogging when I’ve figured this out.


Miriam Drori said...

Decide what's really important to you and have that as your theme. That's how I went about it, anyway. Did I mention social anxiety...?

Karen said...

I think it's absolutely fine to blog about whatever pops into your head, whether it's related to your writing or not. I'm happy to read whatever :o)

Anonymous said...
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Jo said...

Hi Jean! Please keep blogging! I have similar thoughts about my blog and most weeks I think I won't bother with it, because I have nothing interesting to say. Karen is right. Blog about what pops into your head, because other people's thoughts and insights are interesting. It's amazing how many times we think, 'Blimey, someone else feels like me!' I'd love to hear about your progress with your novel. Yes, you do have to keep writing it, but it's good to brainstorm via your blog, too!

Diana said...

Jean, you do not have an email so forgive me if I use the comment feature to communicate with you. I saw your comment on Zoe Harcombe's website. I was very impressed with your 18 pound weight loss via exercise. Don't listen to Harcombe and her followers. They don't know what they are talking about. Harcombe has a "low carb" agenda and doesn't know science. Your body isn't lying to you.

Be well.