Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I held out against it for so long. How can I find time to Twitter when I can't find time to write? Facebook is bad enough, the way it sucks me in and has me messing about on it when I've too much to do. So, no, of course I'm not going to sign up for Twitter. 'Oh yes you are,' said the pantomime baddie. Oh no I'm not.

But . . . I got curious. Was I missing out on something? I found some really helpful postings about Twitter in Nicola Morgan's blog archive. I printed out her instructions on how to get started - purely out of interest of course. Well, I suppose I could open an account just to try it, couldn't I? That was it. Hooked.

I'm just lurking there now. I'm not going to start spending too much time up that tree. I'm going to be, oh, so sensible. Until I have made satisfactory progress with my novel you won't hear a tweet out of me. And I'll wait until I've halved my 'To Do' list. Only then will I deserve to give myself a tweet (okay, that last joke is badly in need of a 'corn' plaster).


Karen said...

I caved in and got a twitter account a month or so ago, but must admit I rarely go on it - you've got to be quite dedicated!

I'll look out for you though :o)

Jean said...

Thanks, Karen. See you there.

Lorna F said...

I have one too - but spend less time on it than on Facebook. I find it a lot more laborious and time-consuming but feel it's a necessity - you have to have your 'platform' these days!