Friday, 31 July 2009

Tomorrow it's August!

How can time pass so quickly? How can it be almost August when it seems no time since the start of the year? When my publication date was moved from February to August, it seemed ages away. And now there's just over a week to go! I can't wait to see the finalised version of the book. But I'm scared I'll find things that I missed, despite all the careful checking and re-checking I've done.

The owners of my local independent bookshop are being really encouraging and supportive. I'm looking forward to doing a talk/reading there. Like all indie bookshops, they're struggling to keep afloat. In future when I want to buy a book I'm going to first see if I can get it from them, even if it costs a bit more than from the chains or amazon. I hate the thought of wonderful, indie bookshops going out of business.

I've got two interviews for local papers coming up next week; one will be over the telephone. For some reason, it's the telephone one I feel more nervous about. Maybe it's something to do with the lack of body language. But I'm used to talking on a phone in my job as I work on a mental health telephone helpline. I can't figure out why the thought of giving an interview over the phone makes me feel more vulnerable than a face-to-face interview.


Karen said...

Ooh I know! I don't know where this year's going. Great news about the book though :o) I think I'd be less nervous about a phone interview but I'm sure you'll be great. Good luck!

Jean said...

Thanks, Karen. After the telephone interview I was pleased with myself as I thought it had gone really well. But I've just seen the feature which appeared today and find I've been misquoted at one point. Oh well, it could've been worse, and it does give me some needed publicity for my book.