Thursday, 14 May 2009

Getting there

Just found out from the President of our local branch of the Association of Speakers Clubs that I've been awarded the annual 'Most Improved Speaker of the Year' Award. It will be presented to me at a meeting on 22nd June. I've had problems all my life with shyness, so getting an award for (of all things!) Public Speaking is ... well, I'm speechless!

On the book promotion front, things are starting to take off now that some advance copies have been sent out. I'm going to London on 2nd June to be interviewed by a Sunday Times editor who read my book. I've also got some encouraging endorsements. The psychologist and writer, Dorothy Rowe, requested a copy, liked it, and now she has written about my book in her article for the next issue of Openmind magazine. Other things are in the pipeline. It does make me realise that if my book had come out in February, as originally planned, there would have been little publicity in place for it. I was so disappointed at the time when the release date was postponed, but now I feel it has definitely been for the best.

That's often the way with disappointments, isn't it? What we feel at the time is a bad thing sometimes turns out to be good in the end, so perhaps we should always be optimistic and look upon our disappointments as exciting possibilities for better things in the future. (OK, get off your soapbox, Jean. I'll probably remember these philosophical musings the next time I get a kick in the teeth, and think Grrrrr!).


Lane Mathias said...

Congrats on your award. The thought of public speaking brings me out in hives.

I think you're right too. Delays and upsets to plans are annoying and upsetting at the time but changes often turn out for the best. Difficult to remeber at the time though:-)

Lorna F said...

Many congratulations on your award, Jean. Well done! And even more on the prospect of such good publicity - this is brilliant! Good luck with it all.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award.
And I HOPE you get some "speech" ideas... It was a cute pun - "speechless" ;) I laughed.

I agree with you about disappointments ...
God bless you.

Jo said...

Jean, many congratulations on your award. Another achievement to add to your list. I'm so pleased your book is getting the publicity it deserves. I'm about halfway through and will be giving it a glowing review in The Yellow Room Issue 3. I had no idea you'd been through so much in your life. It's obvious from the book that you're a born writer.

Jean said...

Lane - Thanks. Yes, difficult to remember at the time.

Lorna - Thankyou for your supportive words.

Bevy - Thanks, and I'm glad you liked the pun.

Oooh, Jo, you've made my day!

Karen said...

Brilliant news about the award Jean, you must be very proud of yourself :o)

I've read a couple of Dorothy Rowe's books - that's a very good endorsement to have, and good luck with the interview on the 2nd. Things really are taking off!

Jean said...

Karen - Yes, I'm proud of the award but, on further reflection, I have to wonder if I'm 'most improved' speaker only because my first efforts left so much room for improvement! That thought has stopped me bragging! Thanks for your support re my book and the interview.