Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Taking stock

I've just found out I reached the Final Round (though no further) in the Legend Writing Award. In the past I've been on the shortlist in 'Real Writers' twice, and got through to the final selection for Mslexia's 'New Writing' section. I've never won a short story competition (though to be fair to myself, I've only entered a few), but my tiny blips at the edge of the radar encourage me to write more stories, work hard at improving them, and enter competitions.

I'm taking stock of where I'm at with my writing, where I want to go, and what I might realistically achieve (ah, the latter is uncertain, but I'll get nowhere if I don't try). My main aim for the new year is to get down to finishing my novel, but I'm also going to work on my short stories.

So there it is. Today I'm fired up with enthusiasm for writing. All I have to do now is stop thinking, talking and blogging about it. Just get on with it!


Lorna F said...

Many congratulations, Jean - keep going! Oh, and it's reassuring that I'm not the only one who doesn't know how to attach the awards Karen has given us to our blogs! :-)

Lorna F said...

Me again, Jean. I see Karen advises us to copy and paste the image to our desktop or into a document. Earlier this afternoon, with the help of a teenage friend of my son (always a handy accessory!) I managed to get the image onto my blog this way: on the Layout page of your blog choose whether you want to put it in a post or on the side in which case click onto Add Gadget and when the Gadget list comes up find Add Image and go from there. Prior to that, you need to save the image to your computer: go to it on Karen's blog, right click it: up will come a list including Save As. I saved it to the My Pictures file on my computer. Then when I came to add the image to the Layout page, as above, I clicked the find image on your computer box, browsed for the image, clicked onto it and it saved itself and appeared on my blog most obligingly! Good luck! (Sorry if this all sounds a bit confused.)

Jean said...

Thanks for this, Lorna. It helped a lot and, as you will see if you're back here, I've at last managed to do it!!